FLTI Services

WTI's Federal Lands Transportation Institute (FLTI) was created to provide federal lands managers with an easily accessible source for transportation resources, technical expertise, and training. The FLTI is available to help federal land managers develop solutions for the specialized transportation challenges that federal lands face, as well as, assist the units with transportation planning in a comprehensive and holistic manner.

Through their extensive experience in federal lands, the FLTI understands that just like rural areas, federal lands face unique transportation challenges which can include:

FLTI staff have expertise in deploying real-world solutions to federal lands challenges and are ready to assist you! Is your unit interested in adding a shuttle service or bike trail, but don’t know where to start? Know you have a congestion issue but not sure how to evaluate it or what to do about it? Need help mitigating animal-vehicle collisions? Are you interested in multi-modal integration, but not sure how?

Let FLTI point you to the information you need, put you in touch with an expert who can talk you through your transportation challenges, research solutions to your federal lands transportation challenges, assist you in deploying a pilot project, help you evaluate a transportation solution in your unit, or provide training to your staff.

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To find out how FLTI can help you, email us at flti@coe.montana.edu or call
Jaime Eidswick at (774) 571-3503 or Jenni West at (406) 994-7368.