Greater Yellowstone Regional Traveler & Weather Information Systems, US89

Abstract: Increased travel demand on U.S. 89, compounded by limited room for infrastructure expansion, has resulted in the need for innovative solutions to the transportation challenges that have been created on this highly traveled route to Yellowstone National Park (YNP). The challenges include varying weather conditions, alternate routes that are separated by great distances, and animal-vehicle collisions. Motorists, particularly park visitors and those who work in or near the park, need to have information on weather, alternative routes in case of bad weather or road closures, and alternative transportation options. Because of the long distance between alternate routes, motorists need to know this information before they actually encounter these conditions. To achieve this, it is anticipated that dynamic message signs (DMS) may be installed to convey current information such as road conditions, weather, accidents and delays to enable motorists to make appropriate choices before they reach critical decision points. In addition, efforts will be made to mitigate the traffic by creating a ride-sharing system for car pooling and coordinating the use of existing public and private transportation providers -- charter buses, YNP employee shuttle, school buses, etc.

Sponsoring Organization: Yellowstone National Park

Completion Date: 12/12/2010

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