About FLTI

The Federal Lands Transportation Institute (FLTI) is housed within the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) at Montana State University-Bozeman (www.westerntransportationinstitute.org). The FLTI works collaboratively across all of WTI's research areas to provide implementable transportation solutions for federal and public agencies that have responsibilities related to public land management, transportation, and resource protection, including:

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While many of FLTI's previous projects have been completed in federal lands, FLTI is also available to assist local, regional, and state agencies with their public lands management transportation challenges and solutions as well.

The FLTI is a fee-for-service institute that focuses on developing and implementing "real-world" solutions to transportation challenges. FLTI has extensive expertise and project experience on critical transportation issues facing public lands, with "on-the-ground" knowledge and experience at more than 80 federal land units. Project experience includes: